Understanding The Horoscope

by Admin on June 26, 2015

The signs and their ruling planets

When an astrologer draws up a horoscope it is important to know the person’s date, place and time of birth, so accurate predictions can be made in the future. At the exact time of a person’s birth the planets are in a certain position and they will always stay in this position in your birth chart which is also called your natal horoscope. However the planets keep traveling around in the horoscope and we call this the planet in transit. You can follow the planets positions and movements by studying the horoscope.

The horoscope or natal, chart is made up of 360 degrees of the celestial sphere and it consists of twelve houses. Each house of the horoscope has been divided into sections and each section relates to different parts of a person’s life. The four main angles in the horoscope are considered important points in the chart.

The ascendant is the eastern point and where the first house is. The ascendant is very important as it represents the most personalized angle in the horoscope. Opposite the ascendant in the west is the descendant. Each house is ruled by a sun sign and each sun sign is ruled by a planet.

Aries rules the first house of the horoscope and represent the physical body. Taurus the second house and stand for security and your finances. Gemini the third house and siblings and close relation come under this house. Cancer is the forth house and rules the home and family. Leo is the fifth house and represents self-expression.

Virgo is the sixth house and has to do with service and health. Libra is the seventh house and that is all about relationship. Scorpio is the eight house and that has to do with other peoples resources and transformation. Sagittarius is the ninth house and represents teachers and educators of higher learning. Capricorn is the ten house and that rules the leaders and the professional world. Aquarius is the eleventh house and this is about, hope and wishes. Pisces rules the twelfth house in the horoscope and that is about everything that goes on behind the scene.

From the past years people have been captivated by horoscopes, astrology star signs, birth signs, and they have long looked to the stars for answers to their questions. The astrological horoscope can give you answers and insights to yourself and make you aware of information you did not know about. The horoscope works in all areas of your life, such as love, happiness, your well being and successes. Horoscope reading and writing is a wonderful thing to delve into, whether it is for fun, or taken seriously. It lets you know about your future in the present.