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by Admin on January 29, 2016

We are again in the month of  the Zodiac sign Aquarius 2016

Aquarius, is in many ways the sign of the future. The characteristics of this sign are – they are unorthodox and have an original streak in their nature. They  refuse to follow the crowd and are often called the different drummer. Aquarius is a fixed sign and they are often fixed in their opinion. Independence is their way of life and will sacrifice even a close relationship in order to maintain it.

They are a seeker of knowledge and like to discover new things almost to the point of getting excited about their discovery. They are never bored.

They are people orientated, outgoing and friendly and attract people where ever they go. They are the humanitarian of the Zodiac, concerned with the welfare of the world and are often involved with groups for social courses. They are among the kindest people in the world – easy going, slow to take offense – honest helpful and never boring. Aquarius is the sign for hopes and wishes and people born under this sign are the kind who follow a dream.


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Uranus Transit

We are all affected by Uranus whether we like it or not. It is the planet that brings changes in your life when you least expect it. But if you stop to think more deeply about the changes happening in your life then you will realise that it might have been something that you have wanted or instigate in the past but have pushed in the background. If that is the case with you then think of it as a blessing in disguise.

When Uranus is in a powerful position in your horoscope that is when you can expect changes that pulls you out of your comfort zone

and shake you up.

It will pull down your old unwanted ideas and ways that is no longer working for you to make room for the new whether you are ready for it or not. Any weak link you have in the house Uranus transit through will be brought to the fore and give you the opportunity to make it stronger. Find out which house in your horoscope Uranus is travelling through.



Aquarians have a boundless liking and love for all humanity, they are the humanitarians of the zodiac. They like to help people but at the same time the have the abilities to detach emotional from other people’s problems and use logic instead of getting emotional involved. In the month of February we have the Aquarian energy and that can be used to detach from your emotions and go into your mind, and find a solution to solve your own problems.



We are now in the month of Aquarius and this is a very unique energy. People born under this sign are usually very original individuals. They are great humanitarians who have a strong desire to help others in need. In many ways they are ahead of their time and the women are often the trendsetters for the future.
They seem to contain a special gift for tuning into what others are thinking. It is almost like they tune right into an invisible electrical wire that gives them information on what other people are thinking and are about to say. This makes them very good communicators who can carry on with any conversation and people are delighted that they are able to pick up their thoughts and tune right in to what is on their mind.
People born under this sign are very friendly by nature therefore people find it easy to converse with them. Most Aquarians always end up with a lot of friends from many different walks of life and some are quite unusual. Aquarius is also group energy. They are good at handling groups and will make a very effective team leader.

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I’m back, I have been away on holiday for a while so I did not get to do another little write up about Capricorn during the month and it is a bit late in the month but here is a bit more information on this sign.

Capricorn governs the 10th house. This is the house we look to for our career. It has to do with our professional life and the relationship we have to the public. This is the opposite of the 4th house that has to do with your home and private life and is opposite the 10th house. This house has to do with taken responsibility and the repayment we receive from working through karmic matters.
Did you set any goal for yourself during the month? If you didn’t you can still get in on the energy of this month and think of a goal you would like to achieve. It is good to set goals for yourself that way you can organize your day and get the most possible out of it.

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We are in the month ruled by Capricorn. This is an earth sign and it is ruled by the planet called Saturn. The people born under this sign or are strongly influenced by it will possess a strong sense of discipline and responsibility. They are usually very ambitious people who will work hard to reach their goal. They have a lot of patience along with determination and will slowly and steady plot along and never give up until they reach their goal. Saturn is the great lord of karma, which is also cause and effect, and Saturn basically says, you are going to reap what you have sewn. This planet has got a lot to do with justice. The lord of karma is there as an educator; it is there to teach us that for every cause there is an effect. The cause will bring us the effect that was intended from the cause. So we have to be very careful to have good intention behind whatever we set out to do in life. So during January you can tune in on the Capricorn energy. Set a goal for yourself and use this energy to reach it. It is okay to take small steps so you can see the result you have accomplished at the end of the month and let it inspire you to keep going and work toward another step in reaching the goal you want to achieve



So how has your month gone for you so far, have you tuned in on the Sagittarius energy? Are you getting in the mood for socializing and entertaining for the Christmas celebrations? No matter what sun sign you are born under, if you tune into the energy of Sagittarius then you are most likely to be having some fun. Look in your horoscope to find which house Sagittarius rules in your chart. That house can give you a good idea of the best way you can use the Sagittarius energy.

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We are still in the month of Scorpio!

The Scorpio energy is a very sensitive one and people born under this sign is usually very intuitive. These people have a rare insight to things and situations around them; they are like a detective they can sense the truth about people and the most complicated and secret state of affairs. Scorpios energy is enticing and if you have trouble expressing your emotions at the moment then this month is the time to get in touch with your feelings. Don’t suppress your feelings, if you do that then they will only go behind a wall and turn into resentment. That can cause you all sorts of complications with your health.

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Scorpio Star sign

We have now moved into Scorpio the water star sign energy. The Scorpio energy is very sensitive and they are very intuitive people. They have a rare insight and can usually see the truth about people and through the most elaborated and camouflaged facades. Scorpio energy is irresistible, and if you have never learned to express your emotion, then in the following month which is ruled by Scorpio it will be an excellent time to learn. You can practice how to communicate your feelings to the people you are close too. It’s very important to express your emotion with this energy, because if you don’t it will go behind a wall and turn into resentment. The Scorpio energy is fascinating.



How is everyone handling the Libra energy of this month?

Libra has a need to be in balance and to have those scales in balance. It is not always easy and some Libra’s quite often have trouble keeping those scales steady. They frequently waver between their emotions and the intellectual side of things. This sign has to do with relationship and partnership so if you during the month of October find yourself having problems in your relationships then remember that Libra is an air sign and are therefore usually good communicators. You need to communicate with your partner, talk things over and let him/her know how you feel and where you are coming from. Find out where Mercury (the planet of communication) is in your horoscope. Knowing which one of the elements Mercury was in when you were born, fire, earth, air or water can give you a better understanding of how you communicate best with others.



The month of October is ruled by Libra and the ruling planet is Venus. This sign also rules the house of relationship, so this month is a good time to make peace with anyone you might have had a quarrel. Libra is the peacemakers. But it is also a good time to get together with your mate or good friend to do something special. Venus is the planet of love and the people born under this sign have a strong need for love and affection. They can be charming, tactful and diplomatic people who love and appreciate beauty, comfort, luxury and all the good things life has to offer. Librans often possess artistic talent that they will do well to develop as it is a great out lead for their emotional nature. They need to be in balance and often waver between emotions and the intellectual side of things. They have a great sense of fairness and will often stand up for the underdog.


Mars have just left Cancer and  entered Leo

The energy planet Mars have just left Cancer and entered Leo again after two years. Mars feels at home in a fire sign so it will give Leo’s a boost of confidence and drive. In the coming month you will find it easier to power forward on project or plans you have as Mars inspires you to take action in following through on things close to your heart.


Powerful Astrological Projection

Let us take a look at what is happening in the sky from an astrological point of view, it seems like there is a lot about to happen according to astrologers around the internet.

Jupiter is still in Cancer where it will be well into 2014. Jupiter is now making an active square to Uranus Rx in Aries. This rare powerful planetary alignment not seen since September 1930 is happening now. This aspect will cause some unexpected revolutionary events sweeping the globe. The same will hold true in these times as these energies will again catalyze unexpected revolutionary change in our lives and in our planet. Unless you are in your 80’s you have never consciously experienced what is about to occur in our very near future!

Expect sudden overthrow of regimes, dramatic shifts of political power, sudden military escalations, unprecedented scientific breakthroughs, powerful new national support programs and initiatives, dramatic legal revisions, unprecedented forms of coordinated international social activism, powerful protests that change the future, sudden removals of corrupt leadership, benevolent reformations of societies, peerages, and associations, paradigm-shifting discoveries from the past, social justice, and brilliant sparks of innovation.

Expect synchronous events to occur within our personal lives: the unexpected receipt of tremendous security, wealth, wisdom, enhancement, promotion, and opportunity; epiphanies, revolutionary perspectives that instantly transform the future, blasts from the past, sudden and favourable relocation, domestic blessings of every form and magnitude, legal breakthroughs, radical relationship changes, lightning fast miracles, enlightening brushes with genius, family revolutions, astonishing mental activations, and guarantees of future bliss. This is such a rare alignment with such powerfully catalytic energies involved it is vital that we live in a state of peace, higher awareness, and that we seize the good grace that will soon manifest without hesitation.