Astrology Seduction Secrets

by Admin on September 16, 2010

The astrology seduction secrets will help you to unlock to a life of romance that you only dreamt about until now. Knowing just a little astrology helps you attract the opposite sex.

Almost everyone finds astrology entertaining so you can’t go wrong with this star filled guide on astrology seduction secrets. It explains some easily learned powerful astrology secrets even you can master.

You may not be a believer now but believe this!

These seduction strategies are based on the astrological forces everyone is born under. So powerful in fact they’ll work for you almost every time without fail.

Everything you need to know, even if your brand new and know nothing about astrology or sun signs, on how to find and seduce your soul mate is included in

“Astrology Seduction Secrets Revealed!”

This is Celeste’s first experience sharing herself online. Because of this the luck of the stars is with you today and here’s why. Celeste is considered the go to astrologer for several of Las Vegas celebrities.

You’ll never find these seduction secrets revealed anywhere let alone from someone known as the “go to astrologist for Las Vegas celebrities.”

Celeste is an Aquarius which is a humanitarian sign and people born under that sign are always ready to help other people. It is clear that Celeste intentions are to help you and not entirely motivated on profiting from her talents.

Celeste reveals seduction secrets of how each sign react to romance and seductions. Here are a few examples ……

With A few drinks you’ll have ______sign under your spell. Most anything goes at this point so plan for an action packed passion filled night!

Spreading your love around is no problem with a ______ sign. Express yourself and enjoy all of life’s pleasures!

How to go beyond first base by reassuring you respect and caring with a _______ sign.

Be slow and mysterious and you’ll attract the ________ of the zodiac.

Why candy and flowers won’t get you out of the doghouse with this water __________sign.

Most everyone finds astrology entertaining so you can’t go wrong with this star filled guide on astrology seduction secrets.

When you purchase this book you get 4 bonuses as well for just


E-book “Astrology Seduction Secrets Revealed!”

Fast Action Bonus #1 “Astrology Seduction Cheaters Guide For Men!” guide

Fast Action Bonus #2“Astrology Seduction Cheaters Guide For Women!” guide

Fast Action Bonus #3“Astrology Seduction Secrets Revealed!” Audio MP3!

Fast Action Bonus #4 “Become A Sex Magnet!” Attraction Subliminal Audio Series

Now’s your chance to join Celeste as she take you on an incredible journey of seduction and sexual conquest of the stars!

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